Elevate the quality of your data, to provid refined business intelligence

Data Mining and Machine-Learning Services

Did you know that there are over 3 BILLION social media users in today’s world? 11 new people create accounts every second, and by the time you’ve finished this paragraph, almost half a million new posts will have been released.

Ultimately, social media is one of the digital age’s most significant contributors to big data, meaning you’re sitting on a goldmine of information to use to improve your business. But - a lot of this data is hidden, and that’s where mining comes in.

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Data Acquisition
Data Cleansing and Transformation, and Labelled Data Preparation
Data Munging
Identify Data Sources and Develop Ingestion Mechanisms: API, Web Bots, Decode feeds, IP Farms, …
Solution Architecture
Build scalable data and analytics pipeline, and Combine technologies seamlessly
Decision-Support Products
Alerts and Notifications, Monitoring and Interactive Dashboards and Automatic Reporting
Analytics Platforms
Cognitic Dashboard, and Provision of custom-built platforms

Big Data Management

Finding data isn’t enough. Without professional Big Data Management, you’ll be forced to swim through an impossibly large ocean of information - and sourcing the right insights can be like finding a needle in a pile of needles.

That’s where Big Data Management comes in, whereby we organize and control the large data volumes sourced from different resources such as social media, banking, retail, and other various resources. Our goal is to elevate the quality of your data, along with accessibility, providing refined business intelligence while empowering you to make more informed business decisions.

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Analytics Infrastructure Specs
Provision of HW/SW requirements, and Servers, GPUs, and Memory Specs
Model Development
Experiment with different algorithms (PCA, K-Means, SVM, CNN, RNN, …), and Prepare Infrastructure: GPU, Memory, …
Model Deployment
Integration into production environment: On-Premise, Cloud (AWS, Kubernetes, MS Azure, ..) Model logs


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