We Elevate the quality of your data, to provide you refined business intelligence

Empower your decisions with actionable insights from your data. Sail through your customers’ thoughts and give them a memorable experience.
Big Data Management
Organize, administer, and govern unstructured data. Make sense of it all and make more informed data-driven decisions.

Model Deployment

Integration into production environment: On-Premise, Cloud (AWS, Kubernetes, MS Azure, ..) Model logs.

Analytics Infrastructure Specs

Provision of HW/SW requirements, and Servers, GPUs, and Memory Specs.

Model Development

Experiment with different algorithms (PCA, K-Means, SVM, CNN, RNN), and Prepare Infrastructure: GPU, Memory.

Data Acquisition

Data Cleansing and Transformation, and Labelled Data Preparation.

Data Munging

Identify Data Sources and Develop Ingestion Mechanisms: API, Web Bots, Decode feeds, IP Farms, …

Solution Architecture

Build scalable data and analytics pipeline, and Combine technologies seamlessly.

Data Mining and
Machine-Learning Services
Climb into the minds of your audience to improve your marketing strategies. We can also help you extract business insights from data and historical data.

Decision-Support Products

Alerts and Notifications, Monitoring and Interactive Dashboards, and Automatic Reporting.

Analytics Platforms

Provision of custom-built platforms.

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