empowering you to visualize data and insights


The ultimate social media opinion mining solution

Cognitic deliver beautiful reports that take you deeper into the world of data. The system provides a fully-customizable and interactive real-time dashboard, empowering you to visualize data and insights and make more informed data-driven decisions.


Fully-customizable and interactive real-time dashboard,

Fully Customizable dashboard

that can adapt to you needs, easy to setup and the dashboard will optimize itself to fit your data. Rearrange the widgets and make unlimited modifications to get you the best insights instantly.

Quick Exports of Data

Cognitic gives you the ability to extract data in any matter you need instantly, you can easily export your data as images in many formats or exports them as a raw data to excel or csv files.

Powerful Filtration Capabilities

Reach the right data through inequivalent set of filters specially designed to meet all your needs the ability to determine the required timeframe precisely and to exclude and include any terms, hashtags and/or users, is some of the many attributes’ filtration menu provides.

powerful top capabilities

Make more informed data-driven decisions

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis models Retrieve’s information about your customers perception of your brand, products and services, Social media sentiment analysis takes your customers conversations around the social space and puts them into context.

Topics Detection

Topics detection and tracking aims at extracting topics from a stream of textual information sources, or documents, and to quantify their “trend” in real time. These techniques apply on pieces of texts, i.e. posts, produced within social media platforms using cognitic novel AI models.

Gender & Location Prediction

Gender and Location prediction through our AI Models helps you create more detailed segmentations of your customers on the social space, leading the adaptation process of your targeted and tailored products and services.

Influencers Spotting

Finding the right influencer that align with your brand can be overwhelming to know who would be a good fit, Cognitic helps you evaluate more attributes of influencers other than followers count, to better understand their credibility, engagement and trust.

Top Hashtags/Keywords

Lists and cloud of top hashtags and keywords, keeps you up-to-date with the current social trends and what your customers are talking about.

Realtime Tweets

Realtime tweets feed keeps you aware of any mentions of your brands or products, Or any other topic of interest using our inequivalent set of filters.


Gain insights and analyze essential sentiments from existing and potential customers.


See how your strategies compare to your main rivals, by monitoring their activities and conversation performance, understand your costumers’ feelings about your products as well as your competitor’s and get better insights for your next strategies.

Campaign Analysis

Identify the content people love and hate about your campaigns and use this data to build better strategies and create better posts to drive more influence.

Brand Auditing

Navigate to the deepest extents of your customers opinions, understand what actually formulates your brand reputation and get real-time insights about people’s perception of your brand.


Think of cognitic as a monitoring platform for digital crowdsourcing, look for related terms “Idea”, “wish”, “hate”, and collaborate with your customers to drive your future products and services.

Market Research

Increase your market share by learning about your customer’s needs and turning these insights to measures and actions by making customized promotional offers and campaign strategies.

Contact us today to leverage the power of Cognitic Enterprise, built exclusively for bigger organizations that need to use large-scale data mining to understand public sentiment.


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Ability to redirect context once interaction thread got deviated
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