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Big Data Management

Organize, administer, and govern unstructured data. Make sense of it all and make more informed data-driven decisions

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Data Mining & Machine Learning Services

Climb into the minds of your audience to improve your marketing strategies.We can also help you extract business insights from data and historical data

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Prefer to manage your data on your own? Train your team on Big Data Management, Social Media Data Mining, and Machine Learning, with AIDM.

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Not sure where to begin? Chat to our team in a relaxed consultation, so we can analyze your unique needs and provide informed advice accordingly.

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We pioneered Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining in the Middle east.


2 PhD Holders, 6 Master Degrees, 3 Deep Learning Certifications, 2 Amazon Web Service Certifications, 2 Fintech and Blockchain Certifications

Professional Accreditation

3 Deep Learning Certifications, 2 Amazon Web Service Certifications, 2 Fintech and Blockchain Certifications

Breadth of Expertise

Data Engineering, Solutions Architectures, Data Science, Stochastic Modelling, Software Development, UI/UX Design, …

Depth of Experience

A 75+ years of combined experience !

Track Record of Success

Senior Professionals in Data Analytics and Business Affiliates to top governmental and private companies


AIDM empowers Saudi Arabian businesses to leverage the power of social media and data to gain key business insights and understand audience sentiment

Improved Decision Making

AIDM empowers you to make more informed targeting decisions, by truly understanding who your audience is, what they want, and how they feel about your business.

Insightful Social Media Mining

Stunning reports that give you all the information and answers you need to meet consumer demand in your industry.

Localized Analytics

AIDM specializes in Data Mining and, more specifically, Social Media Analytics for the Arabic language.

Novel AI Models

We build novel AI models to help companies extract important insights from data, in different fields and in unique matter.


“We empower businesses to gain a clearer view of how their audiences perceive their products and services - a position that will allow you to make more informed product and service development decisions. We take great pride in what we do, and we strive to build lifelong partnerships with the clients we serve.

Mohammed Saleh Alebaidi
Chairman , Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining Company (AIDM)